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In today’s market, it’s getting increasingly difficult to source quality goods without being misled, overcharged or not getting what you paid for. In some cases you can be short shipped, your stock can be held to ransom and the supplier can renege on agreed payment terms.

Import Support is an online platform that provides you with all the necessary support from our panel of experts to ensure your imports are produced, shipped and landed without a hitch.

The platform also interactive, so not only do you receive qualified advice from our expert panel, but you also get to share in a wealth of experience of other importers too who provide advice of common and not so common areas to watch out for whilst dealing with your manufacturing partner.

In some cases it only takes one shipment to go wrong for your business or reputation to be seriously impacted or destroyed, so prevention is always better than cure!
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Benefits for using our import support services in Australia

  • Through our multi-levelled resource structure, you will have access to a vast array of expert experience and gain exclusive insight into importer experiences to quickly navigate this ever increasing mine field that is importing. .
  • More importantly, this valuable importing tool will help you avoid costly mistakes to your business. .
  • Import Support provides silver, gold or platinum membership options. All membership options provide different levels of access to the world of Import Support.


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