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Import Support is your one-stop-shop for all the advice and services you need to successfully run your importing business or to just import shipments here and there.

  • Safeguarding

    There are many unforeseen hurdles and obstacles associated with importing and many unscrupulous suppliers that can be dishonest and take advantage of inexperience.
  • Support

    In the majority of cases the importer has paid for the goods before receiving and inspecting and when issues do arise it becomes very difficult to get the supplier to address these issues. If the cost is too high to do so, they just walk away and leave the importer with goods that are either unsuitable for use due to quality or wrong specification or have not been supplied in the quantities agreed.
  • Systemised Approach

    Import Support offers a complete system to not only handle these types of situations, but to put in place measures to safeguard from them occurring in the first place.
  • Cost Control

    Import Support can also help you accurately determine the door to door costs of your goods before you place an order. The list price of a product in China for example may seem unbelievably cheap at first sight, but with on-costs such as a freight, insurance, import duty, GST, bank charges, interest etc. the product might not be competitive in the Australian market.

It is important that you do your homework first!

Why Import Support?

Import Support provides in-depth information and further advice on all aspects of importation, including:

  • Help negotiate the best price and terms for your order.
  • Arrange supply contracts that clearly set out your expectations.
  • Communicate quality and specification requirements to the supplier.
  • Ensure packing methods are acceptable to protect the product in transit & are approved under Australian packaging laws.
  • Ensure you secure the best possible price for the goods by comparing suppliers on price, quality and timing.
  • Secure the best payment terms with your supplier.
  • Putting in place safeguards to ensure you are covered if products are not as ordered.
  • Arrange shipping and the best available shipping rates.
  • Import management service. Leave it all to us!
  • Assist with documentation required to complete importation.
  • To help quickly resolve issues and disputes.
  • Advice of suppliers to avoid and also of suppliers who have a proven track-record.
  • Help secure funding for your order.
  • Assist with better pricing on all associated services through our “Group Buy” service.

By signing up with us, you can minimize or eliminate the risk associated with all areas of importing from Asia along with being confident and informed with importing processes and those who are best suited to manufacture or assist with your manufacturing process.


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